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What happened to Caroline Landsborough’s children?

The Letters of Caroline Landsborough (Part Two): What happened to Carry’s children? Since the publication of Part One of this blog on the John Oxley library Blog I’ve had a few people ask me the question: what happened to Caroline Landsborough’s children? What was their fate, after the death of their mother?  Let’s back-track to where we left things… Caroline (Carry) Landsborough, wife of the explorer William Landsborough, died from Tuberculosis […]

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The Letters of Caroline Landsborough

Here’s a link to an article I recently had published on the John Oxley Library Blog: https://www.slq.qld.gov.au/blog/letters-caroline-landsborough I’ll be posting some follow-up articles soon, so catch up on this one first, and then stay tuned! “I miss you much and wish we were once more together with our little ones. I am so tired, dearest Willy. Your own loving wife Carry.” Caroline Landsborough, to husband William Landsborough, 1869. State Library […]

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